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We recommend for online chess!

We are a premier and professional chess training academy in Bangalore with a true sense of grass root level chess focus with initiatives being taken at Urban and Rural levels.

Our Coaches are active and passionate tournament players and professionals with FIDE rating and have expertise in handling fresher's and rated players.

We have trained numerous students to compete in chess tournaments at their respective school, locality, town, city, state, national or international chess events.

We associate with other state mates who have revolutionised the chess scene in Karnataka at all levels. Some of our staff are still at the administrative helm of the State and District chess association.

We have the unique distinction of actively organizing chess tournaments on a monthly basis to expose the students to challenging chess players of various chess academies across the city.

We use the best in class software's, books, coaching methods, equipment’s and state of the art computers for analysis to meet your kids chess needs. A huge user library of over a 1000 book titles and over 500 multimedia CD titles available with us at your disposal.

We give your kid the step-by-step approach with pin point analysis of the child’s needs towards chess and focus on his strengths and weaknesses while constantly tracking his progress.

We offer coaching at your time and place of convenience if you are unable to travel to one of our numerous chess coaching locations spread across Bangalore. We offer different coaching options viz a viz one on one coaching (Private Coaching), four in a group coaching (Interactive coaching), ten in a group coaching, mass audience coaching (for Classrooms at Schools and Colleges) and online coaching.

We offer you discounted entry fees to camps conducted by Chess Shoots Academy. Discounted rates on Chess merchandise, books and other chess equipments.

Affordable chess coaching rates in Bangalore with no hidden charges, no one time registration fees or annual subscription fees. You don’t pay for what you don’t get. You are sure to get the Best Chess Coaching in Bangalore.

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