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CHESS SHOOTS ACADEMY” was founded in the year 2011 by Chess lovers in the state to give further boost to the already increasing Chess wave in the Country.

‘Chess Shoots’ is truly a place for professional chess training in Bangalore.

Some of the founding members were already into the State Chess scene for more than two decades but needed a name to catalyse Chess progress in the state and thus “CHESS SHOOTS” was born. Repeated discussions in the coffee adda’s of Jayanagar and Basavanagudi yielded the name “Chess Shoots”. The focus of “Chess Shoots” prior to its formation and in the present, future has and will always be to impart quality chess education to its students and harness the best out of an individual to help him grow personally and to keep him at the very best competitive levels in the Chess Circuit and in general “Life”.

With numerous reputed FIDE rated coaches, best in class teaching methods and quickly growing number of teaching centres is more than what one could have asked for.


Flagship Tournaments of CHESS SHOOTS ACADEMY:

  1. The Annual ‘Rajanna Memorial’ held in the month of February for the last 15 years.

  2. ‘First Sunday monthly state rapid’ conducted for the last 41 months in a row

Jayaram Ramanna
Founder & Partner

Jayaram Ramanna being from an affluent business family background in south Bangalore took up chess at a very early age in his schooling days at Ooty. He attributes all his academic success at school, college and university to Chess. He is of the opinion that Chess helped him groom from being a below average student in his initial schooling days to the topper at his University at Melbourne. In the December of 2010 he gave up his lucrative career as Senior designer at Volvo just to pursue his one and only passion “CHESS” and contribute to the chess fraternity. He has been into the game for close to two decades now. Being an avid investor, he wants to rake in the moolah to make Chess as the ‘next big wave’ in the Indian Market which is dominated by Cricket.

Some of his achievements to date:

  1. Coached Shefali A.N who won CommonWealth Gold Medal in Under 8 Girls category in 2017, Under 9 Nationals Girls Silver medalist in 2017 and Under 9 Nationals Girls Champions in 2018.

  2. Coached Pranav Anand since 2013 who ended up being the highest rated player in the world in Under 10 Boys category in September 2016 FIDE rating list with a rating of 2230.

  3. Coached Ayush Yajaman who won Bronze medal in the Nationals Under 7 Open category in 2015. 

  4. Coached students such as Pranav Anand, Ananya Arumbakkam, Ayush Yajaman, Abhyuday Santhosh and Shefali A.N. to State Championship titles in their respective age categories. 

  5. Coached several students including Rakshit Srinivasan, Arhan Chetan Anand, Karthikay C, Aryan Jain, Aarvi Jain, Sachit Katti and Tejas Suresh Kumar to win Silver and Bronze medals in various State Championships since 2011.

  6. Created more than 75 FIDE rated players in Karnataka.

  7. Achieved a FIDE rating of 2114 in his first ever rated tournament at Jalandhar National ‘B’, 2002.

  8. Constantly played in GM level tournaments in India and Abroad, and held or won against many titled players.

Hanumantha R
Founder & Partner

This man needs no introduction; anyone who has ever played a game of chess in Karnataka in past 2 decades would be familiar with Hanumantha who has revolutionized chess in the state of Karnataka in a big way. This Visionary was instrumental in setting up the United Karnataka chess association, the state body for chess. He has held various posts from treasurer to secretary at the state body for close to a decade. He is currently the VP of The state chess association and the Secretary of Bangalore District chess association and has been the administrator of C.V.Raman chess club for more than a decade. He has been a Chess Coach and administrator for the past two decades. He is one of the most renowned Chess coach in Bangalore.

Some of his Achievements to date:

  1. Coached Shwetha Valety to Nationals Under 7 Girls Bronze in 2015.

  2. Worked with great talents like Raghunandan K.S, Jagadish P in their formative chess years.

  3. Coached Satvik Adiga to National Schools Silver medal in Under 7 Open in 2018.

  4. Coach/Manager of Indian Junior team (girls) to Spain in 2009 - exposure trip. 

  5. Captain of Bangalore city for the Asian cities chess championships held in Lebanon,  2009. The team won silver medal.

  6. Captain of Bangalore city for the Asian cities chess championships held in Indonesia, 2011.

  7. Coach of Indian team boys for Asian youth chess championship at Philippines, 2011.

  8. Manager of L.I.C. All India Chess team for National ‘B’ at Vijaywada, 2008.

  9. Placed second at Thailand challengers in 2009:

    • Placed fifth at Thailand challengers in 2008.

    • Played Amateur world championship in Greece, 2009. 

    • Played Sri-Lankan open thrice 2008,2009,2010. 

  10. Part of L.I.C. South centra lteam for the past 15 years

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